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HNWI Population:  3.73 million
HNWI Wealth: $12.7 trillion
Region Rank:  1


North America contributed significantly to global HNWI population growth by registering the highest regional growth rate (up 11.5%) to reach 3.73 million HNWIs. It regained its position as the region with the highest number of HNWIs, overtaking Asia-Pacific.

As in the previous five years, North America continued to hold the greatest share of HNWI investable wealth, with S$12.7 trillion in 2012. Wealth growth was strong at 11.7%. North America is home to two of the top 12 countries globally by HNWI population: the United States (1) and Canada (7).

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Source: Capgemini Lorenz Curve Analysis, 2013