The World Wealth Report 2017 interactive site lets you explore HNWI wealth, population, investments and behaviors interactively. The methodology for report data is shown below.


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Available Data

This website uses data that is published in the World Wealth Report 2017. More data is available through paid engagements by using the Contact Us form.


2017 Global High Net Worth Insights Survey

The Capgemini 2017 Global HNW Insights Survey queried more than 2,500 HNWIs across 19 major wealth markets in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Respondent demographics, as broken down by region, age, gender, and wealth band, are captured in Figure M1 and M2 on Page 43 of the World Wealth report 2017.

The Global HNW Insights Survey, was administered in May and June 2017 in collaboration with Scorpio Partnership, a firm with 19 years of experience in conducting private client and professional advisor interviews in the wealth management industry.

The 2017 survey covered key areas around HNWI investment behavior including asset allocation, fee models and investment preferences. The survey measured current HNWI investment behavioral patterns of global HNWIs, including their asset allocation preferences as well as the geographic allocations of their investments. The survey also covered various feel models, and HNWIs comfort and concerns with fees. In addition, the survey focused on understanding the customer interactions (through wealth manager or digital channels) with the firms.

To arrive at global and regional values, country- and region-level weightings, based on the respective share of the global HNWI population, were used. This was done to ensure that the survey results are representative of the actual HNWI population.